IBLP Headquarters in Oak Brook, Illinois

A Concern for Wise Choices

At the age of 15, Bill Gothard noticed some of his high school classmates making unwise decisions. Realizing that they would have to live with the consequences of these decisions, he was motivated to dedicate his life to helping young people make wise choices.

The Source of True Wisdom

Shortly thereafter, an older friend challenged Bill to begin memorizing large sections of Scripture. Until his high school years, Bill had been a very poor student, flunking first grade and passing the next eight grades on probation. However, as he memorized and meditated on Scripture, Bill’s grades improved significantly—so much so that he graduated from high school a member of the National Honor Society. This direct correlation between his grades and consistency in memorizing and meditating on Scripture continued through college and graduate school.

The Development of Daily Disciplines

Greater achievement in school was only one of many benefits that Bill experienced as a result of applying Scripture. When working with young people, he explained these benefits and urged them to practice Scriptural disciplines such as tithing, rising early, and memorizing Scripture.

An Invitation to Develop a College Course

Bill Gothard teaching the Basic Youth Conflicts Seminar

An early Basic Seminar held at Trinity College in 1967

In 1964, Bill’s alma mater, Wheaton College, invited him to design and teach a course based on his work with youth. The course was given the name “Basic Youth Conflicts.” Two hours of upper-division undergraduate and graduate credit were awarded to students completing the course. Forty-six students, youth pastors, and teachers registered for the first class. The next year 120 students enrolled in Basic Youth Conflicts.

Expansion Through Word-of-Mouth Recommendation

In the years that followed, Basic Youth Conflicts was offered in several new locations. Alumni were informed of the dates and told their friends about it. Soon seminar attendance averaged between 10,000 and 20,000 youth and adults. Now, almost 50 years later, smaller seminars are still being conducted at various locations around the World.

  The IBLP Name

IBLP was first incorporated in 1961 under the name Campus Teams.

As the seminar ministry grew, the name Institute in Basic Youth Conflicts was adopted in 1974, to provide a more descriptive title.

With a continuing surge of growth and outreach beyond the arena of parent-teen conflicts, a new name was needed again. In 1989, the IBLP Board of Directors changed the name to what it is presently: Institute in Basic Life Principles.



IBLP Headquarters

培基 (IBLP) 总部,伊利诺州,橡树溪


高维理 15 岁的时候,发现许多同学都会做出不明智的决定。他意识到他们必会尝到这些决定的后果,使他因此一生致力于帮助年轻人做明智的决定。


培基文教基金会 | 历史





1967 年在三一學院舉辦的早期真善美基要生活原則講座

培基文教基金会 | 历史

1965 年,高维理的母校惠敦大学 (Wheaton College) 邀请他依据在年轻人中工作的经验,设计并教导一门课。这堂课的名称为「青少年期基本冲突」。完成这门课程的学生可以获得两个大学高年级和研究所的学分。第一班注册的有 46 位学生、青年人的牧师以及老师们。第二年有 120 位学生注册要上这门青少年期基本冲突的课程。


几年之后,青少年期基本冲突这门课在几个新的地点开课。校友们知道时间后,争相走告他们的朋友们。不久,参加讲座的青年人及成人,平均人数在一万到两万人。在 40 多年后的今天,世界各地有上百个小型的讲座不断在举行。 

Picture of a sign that reads 'Institute in Basic Life Principles'

培基 (IBLP) 名称的演变

培基于 1961 年刚开始成立时,是采用「校园团队 Campus Teams」的名称。 随着讲座事工的成长,便于 1974 年改为一个较能形容机构特性的名称「Institute in Basic Youth Conflicts」。 由于机构不断扩大成长,服事已经超出了亲子之间的冲突的范围,因此需要有一个新的名称。于是在 1989 年,培基董事会更改名称,即现在的美国培基教育机构「Institute in Basic Life Principles」。