Biblical Basic Life Principles Seminar

Bill Gothard

Since the Seminar began in 1964, more than 2.5 million people around the world have learned how the Bible has lasting answers to life’s challenges and choices. Not only have these Biblical principles helped individuals deepen their personal walk with God, they have also transformed and strengthened churches and families.

The Basic Seminar is a 24-hour video course that emphasizes the factors needed to develop and maintain healthy, growing relationships with God, family members, and friends. It explains seven universal Biblical principles that apply to every person, regardless of culture, religion, age, education, or social status:

  1. Design: Thanking God for your design is the foundation of genuine self acceptance.
  2. Authority: Understanding how God uses an authority structure to provide protection and bring inward peace.
  3. Responsibility: Accepting responsibility for our choices and asking for forgiveness to gain a clear conscience.
  4. Suffering: Recognizing God’s purposes for suffering and fully forgiving others brings joy.
  5. Ownership: Yielding our rights and becoming stewards of God’s provisions results in true security.
  6. Freedom: Reclaiming areas controlled by sin and becoming mighty in Spirit brings moral purity.
  7. Success: Meditation on Scripture reveals the ways of God and guides us in finding life purpose.

PERSONAL Registration Fee

  • Personal : RM 50 
  • Family : RM 80 (Including spouse & Children – Below 18) 
  • Workbook : RM 25
  • Textbook : RM 100 
  • Postage : RM 15 (WM) / RM 20 (EM) 
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  • Time frame of the seminar is ONE month .
  • **Due to the seminar is copyrighted, please do not share or download the seminar without permission.